Data catalog

Data catalog

Data catalog

As a senior and lead product designer on a data cataloging project,
I had in charge the full UX and UI of a new clood webapp, the product design proposal and I worked closely with Back-end, Front-end and Product management team.

The goal was to create, from a data-lake, a list of data connections and data-sets to manage.
We build many feature as a filtering search (with query search language), lazy loading lists, manageable sharing and ratings tools, etc…

Also, the user was able to add meta data to his data-set and monitor his data quality from a data visualization dashboard.

Finlay the user can visualize his data-set with different views: grid, hierarchical and raw.

I’d also work on data lineage feature application, able to offer to the user a way to track the quality evolution by a historical map/graph visualization.

This data catalog product was maid to be used on a preparation and a pipeline clood products.
So, With other team members, We worked closely on data grids preparation design and building blocs pipelines interfaces.

Ux research.
We worked with a Ux reaserch team and used user test, survey, focus group and personas.
I’d animated some « priorisation » and « card sorting » workshop.

Ux design, wireframe and user flow.
I worked with a 3 weeks sprint in agile methodology. I’d provide iteratively wireframes and userflows component by component.
Each feature was tested with a low fidelity prototype,
Each design proposal was review by the design team, and lead front end developers.
I pushed as much as i can a Dev/Ux relationship and pair designing.

Design system.
During my time at Talend, and due of the product dependance of these clood web app suite, I used this project to start a design system management.
It’s started by a Ui kit made to simplify my design communication with differents team, and evolved to a full design system management named « Cobalt » (storybook, common Ui kit, documentions, etc…).

  • Client Talend
  • Date 2017 2019
Categories: Web