Code Lutin – INRA
Fishola (work in progress)

Lead Ux and UI designer on a mobile and web project for the french National Agronomic Research Institute (INRA). The goal is to improve research’s data by improving the “participatory science” with the amateurs fishermen.

By the mobile experience, we tried to attracted and involved the fishermen, with an easy and intuitive user experience, to participate to scientific research and fish populations safeguarding.
We worked on an easy way to field the informative forms with a step by step process link to a live timer during the user fishing time.
For the user effort, we providing an all set of metrics and ratings off all his fishing sessions by days, weeks, months and years.

By the web experience, we are designing a back-office metrics and dashboard tools to manage on live the information about fish populations (dedicate for scientific research only).

  • Client INRA
  • Date 2019
Categories: Mobile